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Design, development, campaign flow

Email marketing is as powerful as challenging: effective campaigns need the right degree of customization without sacrificing automation. Through the years, I have designed, developed, and been responsible for the whole spectrum of eDM campaigning, from campaign flows, to single-shot sendings and customized HTML coding. I have mastered the principles behind the MailChimp, Clang, SalesForce and ClickDimensions platforms.

From single-shots to customizable templates. This email I designed for Vichy and sent in Clang showcases the importance of highly customizable, module-based templates. I co-developed such a template to optimize the creation of various types of emails. This, however, does not compromise the love for detail: in this example, I enhanced the user experience through a gif-animated header within the same framework.

Vichy header
Vichy campaigns
Wilgenhaege eDMs

Campaign flows. For Wilgenhaege I created a campaign flow in ClickDimensions, consisting of 6 different emails and a landing page with a form, with the goal of getting users subscribed. Depending on the users' actions, the system adds them to specific groups and sends them scheduled reminders if there is no reaction.

HTML coding. My work with Nespresso represents the opposite side of eDM automation, with no supporting framework other than raw HTML. Despite a thorough organization of the code in block combinations, the core challenge here was to push the limits of email constrained HTML, and code inventive solutions to ensure best quality.

Nespresso eDMs


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Gemini Website

Concept, design, development, leadership

Gemini Design

Nespresso animation

Concept, design, motion

Nespresso animation

Bij Qunis branding

Branding, logo design, website

Bij Qunis branding

Thesis covers

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Cover thesis