• About me

    I'm a Digital Designer who loves pixels and everything they can do. I always put all my effort to show the values of creativity, energy, perfectionism, commitment and enthusiasm at challenges, in order to solve the design problems that fall on my hands.

    I consider myself a geek girl. I love technology, music, cinema – specially Sci-Fi –, Marvel comics, playing videogames and watching TV series.

    In this site you can find some of my personal projects and my work experience in companies.

    Of course, feel free to contact me and say "Hello".

    Welcome to my portfolio!

  • KnowEscape

    About the client

    The work was issued by host institution of the Chair of the Action. The eHumanities Group (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) is an initiative of the KNAW that brings together expertise and research in the development and use of digital technologies in the humanities and social sciences.


    COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. The funding instrument of COST are so-called Actions. An Action is a science and technology network with a duration of four years, a minimum participation of five COST Member countries, and is organized through a range of networking tools, such as workshops, conferences, training schools, short-term scientific missions, publications, etc. Currently COST supports 300 Actions, one of them is TD1210 KnowEscape. KnowEscape creates interfaces of collaboration between information professionals, sociologists, computer scientists, physicists and digital humanities scholars. Websites are core means to organize inner-network communication, dissemination, coordination, and knowledge exchange. This project consists of a website built with the Wordpress CMS. This is the website of a COST action, centered around nationally funded research and supporting coordination, networking and collaboration.

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  • CEDAR project

    About the client

    The eHumanities Group (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) is an initiative of the KNAW that brings together expertise and research in the development and use of digital technologies in the humanities and social sciences.


    This project consists of the logo for the CEDAR project. The CEDAR project applies a specific web-based data-model – exploiting the Resource Description Framework (RDF) technology– to make census data inter-linkable with other hubs of historical socio-economic and demographic data and beyond.

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  • Beyond#15M

    [2011 - 2012]
    This project was my Final Degree Project. It begins with the hypothesis: Twitter is more than a microblogging platform, it's a social empowerment tool which was very important during social movements like the #15M Movement.

    Beyond #15M consists of a visual and audible online platform, built with Processing, that represents tweets that thousands of people sent to Twitter during this social movement. At the moment it only shows the posts of the campings period (from 13-05-2011 to 12-06-2011). The goal was to get a collective narration, an alternative story of this important event.

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  • Machinefy

    This project was born from the idea of creating computer speech using its language and aesthetics.

    Is a computer capable of creating a story from its memory? A computer always identifies what it sees from pixels, bits or binary code. With this in mind, I've thought about a project that simulates the computer understanding, giving to it some powers established by me. This understanding has been limited with three perception levels: real or human, oneiric and artificial.

    This project is a part of an experimentation process with the computer, its context and the information it processes from different perspectives, like in this case: what are understanding and interpretation.

    The Machinefy demo was built with Flash ActionScript 3.0. It works with the famous Bruce Lee's interview video. The program "decides", using random systems, which part of the video it has to jump to and which perception level it has to show. These random systems calculate these decisions, and how long these decisions persist

    See the demo

  • L’Estruch

    About the client

    L'Estruch is a municipal cultural center located in Sabadell, Barcelona (Spain). They focus on contemporary artistic production, diffusion and training, especially in performing arts.


    This project consists of a blog site built with Wordpress CMS. This blog is administrated in two languages (Catalan and Spanish) that users can select on the right sidebar. Users can filter posts in two different ways: using tags from a tagcloud, or selecting one of the six predefined stream selectors.

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  • Sinapsis

    About the client

    Sinapsis is a company looking for a social refactoring to support balance between Humanity and the vital means that sustain it.


    This project consists of an introductory video for their website. This video represents Sinapsis values in different languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) that in the end build a heart representing life. I did it with After Effects.

    See the video on Youtube →

  • The Magic of Albert Llorens

    About the client

    [2008 - 2010]
    Albert Llorens is a professional illusionist magician from Catalonia, Spain.


    This project consists of redesigning the brand of the illusionist's company "The Magic of Albert Llorens". It includes corporate colors, logo, website, photos, videos and other graphic materials. The website was built with Flash using Action Script 3.0.

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